Leveling Up: My Journey to Health and Strength in 2023


A man is reviewing in front of a desk

It’s been six months since I made my 2023 New Year’s Resolution for health, where I have set the goal for the first time. I am happy to say that I am still on track and making progress toward my goals. Here is my short review of the first half year.

One of my goals is to perform 100 pushups in a session every morning. I partially succeed by completing the objective of doing 100 repetitions without a complete break, which allows me to hold a down dog position for brief rest. On the murky side is the frequency, with only 5 days a week, as opposed to the anticipated 7, which confirms what I have learned from the habit-building books – combining new habits with existing ones, makes them stick. You may guess right that all five days are workdays when I cannot oversleep and can effectively keep my regular routine. For the rest of 2023, I would like to get better at the number of completions.

The second is to increase my grip strength to 40 kg. I achieve my aim through diligent squeezing with hand grip strengthener. This target is my friend’s and I copied it. Before writing it into my resolution list, I had no idea what grip strength means, which was embodied by the ticker pointing to only 20 kilograms the first time I compress the training gadget. However, 40 no longer bothers me now.

I reached the milestone by incorporating exercises into my everyday routine as well as gradually raising the hand grip’s resistance to keep my muscles challenged. In fact, thanks to the device’s compact and portable design, I play with it whenever I have free hands, whether I am watching films online or commuting to work. The next stage of the practice is to do more groups of pressing at once.